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WRCR/Rockford College Radio -- 2000s History

This history of WRCR was compiled from Rockford College newspaper articles, primarily the Collegian; recollections of students involved with WRCR, and messages posted on the WRCR list serve. This history was compiled by Ross Hunter '71and edited by Cece Forrester '72. Click a link above to visit other decades. In reviewing the old newspaper clippings there are two themes that surfaced every couple of years from the beginning of WRCR to its end in 1994: the hum caused by carrier current broadcasting and the hope of FM broadcasting. Student engineers over the years made great strides in overcoming the hum, but that FM dream was never realized.

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WRCR ended it's broadcast life in 1994. In the summer of 2006 plans were underway to revive a broadcast experience on the Rockford College campus by sharing a low power FM frequency with Third Presbyterian Church in Rockford. The church obtained an FCC license in the fall of 2005 and was broadacasting from a transmitter located in Burpee Center. The antenna is atop Burpee. The church and college have be developing an arrangement that would allow student broadcasters to provice programming during the evening and early morning hours. This plan was never realized, but in 2011 a new station was born as an internet stream. The history is recorded on the page for the 2010s.


Do you remember?...

2000 Huge increase in internet usage
2000 Beanie Baby fad fades
2000 Human genome project completed
2000 Controversy over Presidential election
2001 World Trade Center & Pentagon attacked
2001 iPod introduced
2003 Space shuttle Columbia disingrates
2003 WRCR email list established
2003 US invades Iran
2004 Indonesia Tsunami
2004 Internet usage surpasses TV viewing
2005 London transit bombings
2005 Pope John Paul II dies
2006 Hurricane Katrina


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